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Life is a Miracle, After Watching ‘The Miracle in Cell No 7’

Justice would have been one of a very difficult problem ever happened in the earth’s civilizations, especially when someone is putting their self-ego above the truth. The hardest thing is, when those who are selfish take a biggest part of the judicial institution, while others that voicing the truth were the weaks. That is what exactly happened everywhere around us. And that kind of situations were succesfully potrayed by the movie called Miracle in Cell No 7.

This movie was directed by Lee Hwan-kyung, tells about a story of an intelectually-disabled-father Yong-gu (stared Ryu Seoung-ryong) with his the only-one-daughter, Yae-seoung (played by Kal So-won). They used to live together with harmony in their small house, until one day the father had to be prisoned because of mistakes he never did. In this movie we were invited to see the struggle of the daughter and father to keep living together eventhough they have to stay in jail, until the execution of the father separated them forever. But the struggle of the daughter Yae-seoung has never stopped before the judicial court of South Korea stated judicially that her executed-father was innocent, and never did the murder, nor sexual-abuse.


Supported by the talented role-players such as Oh Dal-su as the leader the cell number seven, Kim Jung-tae as one of the prison stay in the cell, little Kal So-won and Ryu Seung-ryong, this movie has succesfully invited people who watched this into various feelings in two hours. Sometimes we were being very curious of what will happens after. And then we bursted into laugh when some scenes showing ridiculous acts of the 5 prisoners in cell number seven. But in the end, those prisoners in cell number seven will going to let our heart feel how sad it is to let an innocent little girl saying goodbye to her prisoned father, who soon will being executed for the mistakes he never even did. The same characters played their role in different atmosphere, giving a great experience of sadness, laugh and happiness, in one movie. Some audiences might get tickled by the character of Lee Yong-gu because of his intelectual-disability, but yet he was still able to feel the love and think of sacrifices for his daughter – something that even some normal people perhaps cannot do. Perhaps the most memorable part of his role is when he was asked by the judge regarding the accusation of child murderers-and-sexual-abuse. It was a “Yes or No” question, he and his friends and daughter knew exactly that the answer should be “No”. But there were a quiet long dylematics inside him a minute before he decided to reply. That was a hard decision, even normal people without any disabilities will think longer to decide. No one can blame him as a ‘stupid guy’ for his answer in the court. People got confused of whether they have to be proud of that answer, or they have to be upset. It was a very chalenging moment for normal audiences like us to put ourself in Lee Yong-gu’s point of view in the middle of that critical situation. This kind of tickling feeling will never be found in any other movie.

Unlike the other South Korean movies which was showing too much drama along the movie, the ‘Miracle in Cell No 7’ was filmed naturally and simple, which could be seen by it’s settings where the film taken place. It was like we were brought to a daily routines of the main characters, but still we were surprised by the unpredictable up-and-down plot. However there are some plots that seemed illogically-surprising. For example, the part of the scene where the little Yae-soung was putted inside a box and were brought to the cell for the first time. That scene has failed to show us how those movements happened, though the audiences will not pay too much attention on that details. The other scene which was a little bit impossible was when the other prisoners were trying to help the prisoned-father and her daughter escape from the jail… with an air balloon. It was a bit dramatized, and it was like, abracadabra, the air balloon is ready!


The decision to put ‘Miracle in Cell No 7’ as the title of those scenes should be requestioned. What people saw from the movie was more than just a little girl staying in cell number seven with her father and spread the love and care to all of the other prisoners in the cell, like her existance was the ‘miracle’ that changed the atmosphere in that cell. It has to be more than that. Even if that ‘miracle’ word refers to the little Yae-Seoung, the dramas were not always happened inside the cell number seven. That is why, the title seemed a little bit unproper with the general movie, eventhough it changes nothing to the amazing plot of the movie.

In a thrilling atmosphere inside the court where they were trying to clarify the past years case, the movie was letting us enter the judicial mechanism of upholding the core of justice, while in the same time we were invited to see through the eyes of a father and a daughter about how important togetherness is, in an entertaining way, without boredom, to clearly understand why the adult Yae-seoung and the former prisoners were keep trying to struggle the truth of the past case since long time ago. There are three words for this movie. Entertaining. Dynamics. Noteworthy.

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